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Get custom email @yourcompany

Build customer trust by giving everyone in your company a professional email address at your domain, like michelle@yourcompany and mark@mylastname. Also create group mailing lists, like sales@yourcompany.

  • Domain registration
  • Up to 3 email addresses
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Configuration of primary email address to work via gmail – see below for details
  • Initial/Onetime Setup fee – BB$150
  • Annual cost of BB$90 for groups of up to 3 custom email addresses

What Is a Business Email Address?

It’s a personalized email address using your domain name.

Email isn’t just the foundation for your internal and customer communication, it’s also crucial to your branding efforts. Choose the technology that never lets you down and the company that delivers a superior email experience.


So for example you will now be able to have email address, groups and aliases like [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

Benefits Of Using Gmail For Email With A Custom Domain

Did you know you can migrate to Gmail without losing your professional domain name? Here’s why G Suite is a good idea for your business email hosting needs.

When you purchase a custom domain name (e.g., you have the option to create an email address through your web host (e.g., However, you’ll find standard email interfaces used by most web hosts are clunky and outdated which makes it difficult to organize and manage business email.

Migrate to Gmail without losing your business domain name

Did you know you can migrate to Gmail without losing your professional domain name – You can use Gmail with a custom domain name in a few simple steps.

Why not just use Well, for starters a custom domain email address is more professional. Furthermore, Google provides a suite of services to host your business email and the benefits are endless. Here’s a look at 7 reasons why G Suite is a good idea for your business email hosting needs.


1. Email account ownership

Your company possesses the email accounts of all employees at via your preferred email host. Your employees do not actually have direct ownership of their email addresses. However, if your team uses personal email addresses in lieu of a uniform email host it can cause potential problems down the road.

For example, how will you ensure seamless client communication when a member of your team leaves the company? G Suite administration ensures that if someone departs from your company, you can instantly change their password and forward emails to another email. You can also obtain all of their email history for reference when you’re working with clients.


2. Hassle-free document sharing

Businesses of all sizes have adopted Google Docs as their go-to productivity and document management tool to increase the efficiency and usability of information. It’s simple to share documents with your team when you’re all using a G Suite account.

For instance, with Google Docs, employees can access the database 24/7 wherever they have an internet connection. Meanwhile, you can control the version of any document your employees are working on and add or remove collaborators with ease. Best of all, multiple users can access and edit the same document at the same time.


3. The ease of file ownership

With G Suite, all Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets designed by users are owned by your business. Remember, Google Drive is also a substitute to cloud backup for services like Dropbox. With a G Suite promo code, you get more storage at a lower price. You can easily create a company-wide mandatory directive for employees to automatically backup all Mac and PC work files and folders to your company’s main Google Drive. This simple step can improve overall workflow and team communication.


4. Benefit from group email addresses

Let’s look at an example. If your email address is, you can automatically route emails to other email accounts or client service systems like Freshdesk, Zendesk, or Salesforce. There’s no additional charge (or maximum number of accounts required) to create group email addresses.


5. Use multiple email aliases

G Suite users can create multiple email aliases (e.g.,[email protected], When you use email aliases “all roads lead to Rome.” It is undoubtedly simpler to quickly share your email address with some as, even though your business card indicates a more conventional [email protected].

Business owners can also connect multiple domains to an individual G Suite email account. Meanwhile, if you rebrand your company to “All Your Company” and you buy the domain, you can switch the domain over in your G Suite account as a domain alias. The “all roads lead to Rome” principle still applies. All future emails sent to or will reach the same inbox.


6. Increase reliable file storage

The G Suite Basic Plan offers a default storage capacity is 30GB per user, whereas free Gmail accounts area allocated 15GB. When you run a growing business, you also accumulate a growing amount of business data. G Suite cloud storage reduces the need to purchase hard disks and manage them on-site.


7. Boost cloud storage security with 2-step verification

G Suite offers an essential layer of security and protection that can be implemented for all the users by the admin. This added security layer is known as 2-Step Verification.

The 2-Step Verification feature is essential if you use Google Drive as a cloud backup standard for your company-wide devices. If you team backs up a lot of local files to the cloud automatically, you never identify what sensitive data is getting synchronized. As an admin, you can make it optional or mandatory to set up a 2-Step Verification for all users.


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